Studio Versus Soundstage and How To Choose

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There’s been ongoing confusion in the production universe with too many studios calling themselves soundstages. There is a BIG difference, and here’s why it matters to you.

Why Shoot in a Studio?

We know you’re one of those:  A producer who sweats every last detail of your shoots.  You want to invest in resources that will deliver a high-quality finished product.  You’re up against the clock, fighting to stay on budget, and you know the value of choosing the best location for your shoot.

Your first question might be, why use a studio at all? Producers can go on location, opting to shoot in a client’s office, a hotel room, a home, or outdoors. This might seem easier and less expensive at first. When you account for all of the logistical challenges you could face working in the field, you’ll find that renting studio space is worth the price. You don’t have to worry about applying for permits, checking the weather, finding electrical power, securing parking and bathrooms, managing truckloads of gear, or cutting for constant interruptions when you shoot in a studio.

What Is a Studio?


A studio is an industrial space with a main room that is configured for the video production process.  When you shoot in the field you have to adapt to what’s already there. You are often fighting low ceilings, sunny windows, uncomfortably warm temperatures, heavy furniture and stationary fixtures, long electrical runs, and a variety of noises from people and machines that contaminate your sound. As a dedicated production space, a studio will have some basic technical infrastructure but it is largely a blank canvas where you are free to create the environment you envision. The sky’s the limit. A studio might also support your work by providing equipment, services and crew so you don’t have to source them on your own. With your energy focused on what’s happening in front of the camera, you are able to achieve better results deliberately, and in less time.

What Is a Soundstage?

A soundstage is a special type of studio specifically engineered for silence and isolation.  It has “floating” walls and ceilings which eliminate outside noises to at least an NC -25 rating.  Hard surfaces are treated so that they deaden sound instead of reflecting it.  Powerful air conditioning quickly cools the space without making a sound.  These features save hours of time during the shoot and again in editing. In a soundstage you can confidently roll on a two-hour interview knowing that you won’t have to cut cameras to wait for sirens, trucks, trains, planes, or rainstorms to pass by.  You won’t have to keep pausing for the make-up artist to dab the sweat off your talent’s face either. By thoughtfully eliminating many logistical hiccups that might create delays during production, you can direct your time, money, and effort toward perfecting your end product.

Studio Versus Soundstage

A soundstage is indeed a studio, but most video production studio venues are NOT soundstages.  Both studios and soundstages give you a lot of flexibility in achieving your desired outcome. You can customize the set elements, props, and lighting to create the perfect look for your production. Both also provide some amount of control over the environment so you can reduce outside interruptions and stay on schedule.

The most significant difference between the two is the soundproofing. You’ll achieve the highest quality sound within a soundstage, so if you’re recording dialogue or audio, then you should go for the silent room. If you’re only shooting video and won’t use the audio, a studio could meet your needs. Either way, it’s worth making room in your budget to rent a space for your production.

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